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of the united states, we're going to get into that more with mike emmanuel shortly. but there was a sequence of events spread out a little bit more after the 9-11 attacks that harkens back to that time. >> i remember it well. >> neil: i'm sure you do. i'm wondering whether you're drawing the same analysis. >> well, when anthrax hit, which was approximately a month after september 11. >> neil: right. >> we were being warned of chemical and biological attack by the f.b.i. for weeks. we had internal private seminars on getting ready for anthrax and getting ready for sarin gas and that sort of thing. so when it happened, i have to tell you, i was 100% sure it was connected. now over the years, it looks like it wasn't. but at the time, it sure looked like there was a connection between the two things and i guess right now they tonight seem to have any connection. but you can't rule that out. the coincidences are too great. you're going to have to keep that in mind while you investigate. >> neil: mayor, thank you very much. mayor rudy guiliani. >> take care. >> neil: buffalo, new york at this hour
to remedy a mess many would say they created. chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel now. >> after a week full of thousands of flight delays blamed on air traffic controller furloughs as a result of sequestration taking effect, congress struck a deal to keep americans flying. >> all we did was to take funding that wasn't being used within the department and allow it to be used to avoid the need for the furlough at the air traffic controllers. that's just plain common sense. >> the deal provided $253 million in funding flexibility to the faa, which republicans believe will protect both air traffic controllers and contract controlled towers slated for closure. the bill is passed. the vote in the house was overwhelmingly bipartisan, 361-41. >> we are taking this action to end the administration's political games that are threaten our passengers' rights and their safety. >> some democrats complain this measure did not address cuts to other federal programs such as head start and wasn't comprehensive enough. >> let's deal with all the adverse consequences of sequester. not just those th
at this time. >> bill: what we do know, both letters said to be postmarked in memphis, tennessee. mike emmanuel is live on capitol hill for a very busy day. what more do we know about the letters there, mike? >> bill, fox news has obtained an f.b.i. operations bull finish that ties these two letters together. it says it was determined they were related based on their u.s. government targets, the postmarks and identical language in them. both mailed on the same day, april 8. and both letters signed, quote, i am kc and i approve this message. today on capitol hill, the post master general talked about lessons learned from tainted mail scares 12 years ago. >> what we learned back then was the importance of having protocols in place where anything happens, we react. over the course of years, we've had some situations where there have been risin scares. until this date, there has never been any prove that had have gone through the system. >> law enforcement sources tell us they do have a person of interest, somebody who is known to be a frequent letter writer to officials here in washington, bill. >
later this hour. now we go to washington d.c. where mike emmanuel is standing by with the ricin scare on capitol hill. >> senators were told as a closed door briefing that a letter testing positive for the deadly poison rice in was addressed to one of their colleagues, a republican from mississippi, rodger wicker. wicker released a statement saying, quote, this matter is part of an joan going investigation by the united states capitol police and fbi. i want to thank them for their hard work and diligence for keeping us working in the capitol complex safe. gail and i appreciate everyone's prayers. the package was stopped at a mail handle facility outside the capitol so it never reached the capitol. the envelope said senator wick i am and it was sent from a person who lives in mississippi and mailed it from memphis, tennessee. he is recognized as a frequent writer to lawmakers. after being told about the tainted mail this evening, a senator called it troubling. >> obviously. it's not just members concerned, it rarely gets to a member before it goes through a lot of staff. that's a big c
the gop of wanting to, quote, hurt our kids. mike emmanuel has more. mike? >> hi. the republican lawmakers behind this legislation want to take a closer look at the explosion in the number of people receiving food stamps, nearly 16 million people added in recent years and the growth and the amount of spending on the program. they are argue if you cut waste, fraud and abuse, it will preserve the assistance for those would really need the help, though south dakota senator acknowledges it won't be easy because he says some lawmakers don't like cutting spending of any kind. >> hopefully there is enough people on both sides of the aisle who recognize that we have a responsibility to the american taxpayer and the american people. they're the people who are paying the bills for this, and if there are programs that are being taken advantage of, that are being abused, that are being misused, we ought -- we're responsible to tighten that up. so i'm hoping we'll be able to find some democrat support for this idea. >> lawmakers estimate projected spending on food stamps will cost taxpayers $760 billio
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)